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Lois McMaster Bujold sums up for us the importance of the first meeting:
"A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter."
The electricity of the first moment can certainly determine compatibility and suitability between you and the escort. It only takes a few minutes for them to decide. Private escorts often have their individual preference in contact method therefore before you understand their respective preferences... It is best to follow instructions of contact to ensure you can effectively communicate with them. Private numbers are ignored by most, so do ensure your phone number is unblocked prior to calling.

Polite and concise conversation via text message, email or phone call is a recipe for success and is appreciated by many of the escorts. Information in your message or phone call should include: a brief introduction of yourself, your location, a preferred date, time and also the length of booking you are seeking. If you are to leave a voice message, please also include your contact number and the time you prefer to be reached at. Many of the escorts take preference to bookings in advance, although many if they can be accommodating, will take bookings at short notice. Please be wary that sometimes (maybe a lot of times), if your desired escort does not respond immediately, she may just be pre-occupied and do not let that discourage you.

Manners go a long way with these ladies, ensure your communication is polite, professional and courteous. Language that is vulgar and offensive is not widely received. There is a time and place for everything; certain words, phrases and descriptions are certainly arousing and sexy in the bedroom but whilst you are trying to make a booking, a more professional tone is definitely more acceptable. The use of rude wording, extreme sexual descriptions of services or body parts may result in the escort at best ignoring you, at worst blacklisting your number. Escort rates are non-negotiable, and it is seen as a sign of disrespect if you are to try. Escorts go to a great length to write an accurate description of themselves, their services and their preferences in their advertisement.

Please take the time to read through their wording before contacting them for a booking. Whilst most escorts display their list of services on their advertisement, if you are looking for a specialised service or fantasy, please do enquire while making a booking to ensure they provide it. Many escorts clearly outline the services they do not provide in their advertising, so please do not push the boundaries and ask. While making a booking, escorts may ask you for some personal details for security reasons, and these are mainly non-negotiable.


Looks and hygiene are the utmost important step in your preparation prior to meeting an escort. It is essential for both you and the escort to enjoy each other equally. A fresh shower, clean shave, fresh breath and nicely trimmed fingernails are a must. If you like to wear perfume or cologne, a little goes a long way! For outcalls, where the escort is visiting your home, ensure there is a supply of fresh linen and a clean towel. Treat your escort like a guest in your home, entering a tidy bedroom, bathroom will make the escort feel appreciated. Security is important for escorts, put their mind at ease by reassuring them that nobody else will be entering your premises in the duration of her presence. If you are to offer a beverage to your escort, ensure to present a sealed bottle and demonstrate the opening in front of them. Discretion is necessary for you and the escort shall you visit her premises for an incall. Privacy is a very important aspect to the escorts job, and this must be respected. If you arrive and are unsure of the location, please do not wander aimlessly, rather make a discreet call to the escort and ask for direction, taking care nobody around can hear your conversation. Private independent escorts have independent lifestyles and preferences in how they conduct their bookings with their clients. Some will be more than happy to toast a glass of wine with you whereas other prefer to not drink with their guests. Until you get to know your escort deeper, it is safer to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. Intoxication does not bring forth many good aspects in the bedroom. Bear in mind, you are there for pleasure... Anything else would be a waste.


Have the agreed upon fee ready when arriving at the booking. Commonly, the fee is to be presented in an envelope. Please allow a couple of minutes for your escort to check that everything is correct. When an escort service commences, it usually begins with some friendly chat designed to calm nerves and develop a bond before moving on to the bedroom. Privacy and discretion as stated before is a huge part of an escorts role. Be respectful of their personal boundaries, do not enquire about their personal lives if they choose not to divulge it. Even if she does share hints of her personal life here and there, it is not an invitation to probe further. Warm conversation and a sense of humour is appreciated by most if not all escorts. Genuine chats and laughter will put you and the escort both at ease and hence a better connection formed. Consider this period of time the entree to a feast. It may not be long, but it sets a good foundation to create a tension and chemistry that will only increase from that point on... The main meal is yet to come.


And here we are. At the main event. The one you have been fantasising about. Let them pleasure you, they certainly know how. Boundaries, however are still not to be overstepped despite the rush of sexual excitement that you no doubt are feeling. It is important to always respect your escorts wishes. Effective communication is important at the very beginning so there is mutual understanding what services the escort are comfortable with. Understandably, some escorts will bring you to new heights and you just cannot get enough. If you want to extend your session, please enquire with your escort and see if they have any later engagements. If not, and they can accommodate more time for you, then payment is to be expected at the start of the extended time. If she indeed has other engagements, then know for next time to book a longer session!


It is also pleasant and nice for your escort to receive a thank you email or text within a couple of days of your booking. Mutual appreciation goes a long way in building a good escort-client relationship, but again, boundaries must be appreciated. Do not frequently make contact with them if you are not making a booking. If you want to take your guest to dinner, or social outing, remember this is still a booking and payment must be received at the start like a standard session in the bedroom; it is their livelihood, after all. A beautiful mix of business and pleasure. Your time with a private escort should always be fun, beautiful and leave you wanting more each time. If you ensure they are respected and cared for, they will always look forward to seeing you time after time.