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1. Agencies
When visiting Agencies. If you have booked an Escort from AUGirls, always ask to see the girl first on arrival before you hand over your money to confirm she is the one you were expecting. If she is not the lady you booked or if you are not satisfied with their choice of lady, you can ask them to bring you another escort until you are happy.

If they can not bring you the lady advertised or anyone suitable, let them know they have wasted your time and leave with your money. Avoid the classic "bait and switch" many experience. If you hand over the money first, do not expect to get it back, whether you stay or not. If this happens to you, go Contact Us to report the profile.

If you see a profile where there is no age provided then please be aware that it is highly probable they are older than 28 years old.
2. Types of Escorts
Private: Works independently, usually renting a private apartment or Motel/Hotel room and it is very unlikely that you would run into other escorts or clients while there.

Agency: Works with others but usually out of a private unmarked house with no signage. There may be a receptionist and there is an increased chance of running into other escorts or clients while there, but many higher end agencies pride themselves on avoiding that sort of thing from happening. A side benefit is you may have the option to see a different escort if you do not click immediately with your original choice (just make sure you decide quickly before any money is exchanged or physical contact is made.)

Club: She works at a brothel. Nothing wrong with that, but if you are on the shy/private side you should know that they'd likely be a sign out front where anyone seeing you walk in would know your purpose. Usually there is a licenced bar where you would very likely run into other clients and escorts. It's a playful environment and it's great for social people who may be on the indecisive side as it gives you the oppurtunity to chat with multiple escorts before making a decission. Just remember to respect their time (ie don't talk their ear off) and their decission if it's to not follow through with you (it's within their rights and you making a scene about it would probably get you bounced.)

Touring Agency: Ideally the experience would be identical to seing a private escort, ie you go to a private hotel/motel room, see the escort you booked, have a good time and be on your way. The difference is that these escorts have a manager who handles their accounts, appointments and travel schedules. Sometimes they travel in groups and operate out of the same House/Appartment, so there is a small chance you may run into another escort or clients while there. One thing to note is we've had complaints that some touring agencies have been conducting bait and switches, so excercise caution.

3. Verified Photos
We recommend visiting ladies with "verified photos" to ensure the lady you see on AUG is the one you will get when you turn up to your appointment, whether it is a private escort or an agency. Always confirm with the escort when making the booking that the photos you see are up to date and are accurate.

If you find that the ladies photos and very different in real life or just fake pictures being used, email us and give us their name and phone number with a brief description of your version of the lady and what was not accurate to her pictures.

If you visit an escort and she is not the lady in the photos on AUG or if you are not happy with her in real life, you can leave. It is recommended that you politely explain why you are going to leave, so the lady learns the importance of having true and accurate information and photos.

*IMPORTANT* There can be times when an escort may not be verified, but they are her real photos, she may not have gone through the verification process yet.
4. Enhancing your Escort Experience.
Many escorts now have their "intimate likes and dislikes" displayed in the Members lounge. Reading these before your encounter with her can really enhance your time together. If she says she like champagne and you turn up with a bottle, most likely she will appreciate that you have made an effort to know what she likes, this can really set the mood and create a great start to the experience. If she says she does not like forceful men, don't be forceful. There are many intimate details to learn from this section, study them, this will make for a pleasurable experience for both you and her.
5. Personal Hygiene
A shower and a shave before you arrive will always make for a better experience with any Escort. A little bit of light body spray or cologne and being dressed tidy can make a big difference to the encounter. If you are clean and smell good, then most ladies are more likely to enjoy the experience with you a lot more, and usually will give more of themselves too you. Obviously being clean and smelling good, having respect and manners will often be the difference between a very sensual experience or a bad one. Neither party would want this, make a little effort for her, just as you do expect from the lady.
6. Be Punctual
Turn up on time. Not being late is a given, but also it's not good to be too early (unless you like meeting the client she just saw before you) - This can be awkward and uncomfortable. Five minutes either way is reasonable. If you are late, it's fair that your time will be cut short.
7. Confirmation
Always ensure that you confirm on the phone what is on offer and what it will cost. If there is confusion, have this repeated before you book or go through with the booking. Any extras you require, make sure that these are outlined on the phone and before you begin.
8. Privacy and Respect
If you need to look after your privacy, it might be wise to use a "punting name" or a different name to ensure that your privacy is protected. You may also consider using a different cell phone to conduct your bookings if you are trying to keep your punting life seperate and hidden from those close to you.

Show some respect for the ladies and service providers. Manners go a long way. Always ask and don't assume anything. Most of the Escorts on Australian Girls appreciate this respect and will encourage a more enjoyable session.
9. Safe Sex
Never ask an escort for unprotected sex or uncovered oral. This is illegal and it often causes offence to the escort.
10. Personal Details
Don't ask any escort for her real name or any other personal details about her life or her children unless she brings it up. This is inappropriate and can cause offence.
11. Tipping
This is not expected or required. But if you enjoyed the service and the escort went out of her way to provide a very good service to you, a small tip or gift can go a long way to ensuring that lady remembers you and continues to provide a quality and valuable service next time.

If you have any suggestions or comments you would like to add to this page please use our feedback form here.