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Exclusive to NZG Advantages

Exclusive Advertiser Benefits

Significant benefits to you for your Loyalty when advertising "Exclusively" on Australian Girls

1. Gold Section

Our Gold section has been reserved for our exclusive advertisers. This section is our most popular section and it's the first section, meaning your ads are first on the website in all locations throughout Australia. Being Non-Exclusive means your ad will be much further down the site in our elite section.

2. Priority Sorting

Most importantly, when you are Exclusive with AUGirls, you will receive priority sorting on the website, putting your ad ahead of all "non exclusive" escorts ads, giving you a significant boost over your competition.

3. Featured Category and Better Clients

Being Exclusive will give you a featured category on the AUGirls home page and in the category search, making it much easier to find your special ad, giving you more business and a better type of client looking for "exlcusive to AUGirls" ladies.

4. Special Exclusive Banner / Logo

Being exclusive with us gets you a gold "Exclusive to AUG" banner / logo on your advertisement, promoting you better, lifting your image and making your ad stand out more.

5. Professional Photography and Videos

If you are exclusive with us, then you can use our professional photographers and at a seriously discounted rate, saving you hundreds to sometimes thousands of dollars. our photographers are professional and will bring out the best in you for both your video profile and your photo images. If you live in Auckland, you will also have access to our themed photographic studio for free.

6. More Upmarket and Classy Image

Advertising exclusively with Australian Girls lifts your image by being promoted on the best, busiest and most respected website available in Australia, being on many sites can cheapen your image, as many other sites usually are out of date, tacky or explicit.

7. Personal Control Panel Access

If you advertise exclusively with AUGirls you get access to a "personal control panel" via your personal "escort login". There are many priviledged features available for your use in this seciton including full free access to the Members Lounge, access to the private warnings message boards for escorts only, classified accomodation ads, ladies to work with and much much more.

8. Free and Unlimited Promotion on our very popular ""

While your ad is live on AUGirls, Exclusive advertisers get free and unlimited self promotion on the Adult Forum site by taking advantage of the unique and custom automatic linking system. The Adult Forum is New Zewalands largest and most popular Escorts Forum with over 150'000 visits and 1.5 million page views a month.

9. Free Additional Coverage

Exclusive advertisers will also get FREE exclusive coverage on the AUGirls network of websites by displaying your ad on sites such as the Adult Forum, Twitter and many other sites that we use to promote your ad.

10. Free AUG email account

AUG Mail is your very own private email account. Exclusive advertisers get their very own [email protected] email account for FREE. Use this email as your private work email keeping your work separate from your private life. You also get anti-spam protection and you'll be able to access your email from anywhere in the world. We can teach you how to set up your AUGmail account on your Smart Phone. Many clients now make contact via emails.

11. Access to the latest features

Exclusive advertisers will always get the latest access to all new features and advertising opportunities and your account manager will always be available to help you during busienss hours with what ever you need, like places to work from, moving your ad when touring the country etc

12. Access to the Adult Rooms directory

Exclusive ladies can now use our new feature "casual adult accomodation" available throughout the main centres of Australia, where you can book rooms to conduct your business by the hour, day or by the week. This gives you the flexibility to travel around Australia working as you go, giving you safe and secure premises at your fingertips.

Exclusive to AUG Form

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I the advertiser, want to take full advantage of the benefits offered to me by advertising exclusively with Australian Girls for all my online escort advertising. I acknowledge that I have read, and agree to comply with, Australian Girls' terms and conditions. I confirm that I have not given any other online escort website/directory permission to copy, use or replicate any of my personal information, including my name, contact details, services, text, materials, images, photos or videos.
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