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New to the Industry?

Have questions about working privately?

New ladies of all ages, nationalities and sizes come into this industry everyday for all sorts of different reasons...

If you have never worked in the "escort" industry before and are now considering it, then you probably have a million questions.

Where can I find a place to work from ?
What is the difference between an "in call" and an "out call"?
Am I safe ?
How much could I earn?
Do I have to show my face?
What are the costs involved for me to run my own business?
Should I work privately or should I work in a club?
What hours do I have to work?
Can I work in any city in Australia ?
Do I have to be skinny or am I to old?
Can I work what days or hours I want?
Will my friends and family find out what I am doing?

and the list goes on.....

If you are feeling overwhelmed about possibly getting into this line of work but you need to make some good money fast and you are not sure what you need to do or how you get started...then I suggest you take a deep breath, make your self a cup of coffee and give us a call for a no obligation friendly chat about it all.

We can answer all your questions and give you lots of tips and advice as we know this business very well.

You may find that after talking with us that this is not the business for you....

We are not here to talk you into it or out of it... we are here to help you with all your questions and concerns.

We will be happy to take the time out to just have a friendly chat either over the phone, email or txt to explain as much as we can to you about what to expect, we feel very confident that we can answer all your questions and ease your concerns, after all this is a very big decision.

If you do decide that you do want to work privately for yourself then we will help you all the way if you need us too.

We will take care of pretty much everything for you, from writing you ads, we can even find a permanent or temporary place for you to work from.

There is much we can do... so if you are just thinking about it, gives us a call on 1-800 29 0617 and ask for Sales.

Contact AU Girls New to the Industry Support Team

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